Donald Trump — I Like Asian, Italian, Mexican … I Like it All!!! (PHOTO GALLERY)


0715_donald_trump_rnc_food_compositeDonald Trump‘s convention will be inclusive for almost all nationalities … at least in the food court.

We’ve done some digging, and found out the RNC has planned a true smorgasbord. Delegates can dine from a variety of restaurants including:

— Asiatown … favorite dishes include thai spiced ramyun noodles and marinated chicken

— Slavic Village … favorite dishes include handmade pierogis and kielbasa

— Little Italy … favorite dishes include mozzarella stuffed risotto bites and red pepper romesco

— Ohio City … essentially a Mexican restaurant. Favorite dishes … steak with cilantro and onions served in flour tortillas.

There’s also plenty of American food.

And no matter where they eat, they’ll all end up in the same place … the bathroom.


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