Donald Trump Isn't Courting Big Names for Inaugural Parties

12/19/2016 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


1217-donald-trump-tmz-01Donald Trump‘s inauguration is going to be “strictly traditional” and the President-elect has no interest in courting big Hollywood stars or entertainers to hobnob or perform at the events … TMZ has learned.

Sources involved in inaugural prep tell TMZ … Trump is hardly engaged in the party planning at all. We’re told he does feel, however, the parties should not be “over the top,” but he’s leaving all the details to others.

One Trump insider says the Prez-elect is “obsessed” with energizing American business and industry … the parties just aren’t his thing. We’re told he doesn’t think it’s important to have big names perform and has actually pointed to all the big names supporting Hillary Clinton that ultimately did no good for her.

As one source put it, “It’s almost as January 20 doesn’t really matter to him, he’s looking forward to January 21 — his first real work day in the White House.”

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