Donald Trump — The White House Will Stay the Same

11/8/2016 6:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


1107-trump-tower-white-house-donald-trump-TMZ-GETTY-01Donald Trump lives large in his Manhattan high-rise … in a 3 story penthouse that resembles Versailles, but if he gets the big 270 he will leave the gold leaf in the Big Apple.

Trump tells TMZ, “I think the White House is such a special place and it has such a special meaning for the American people … nothing would change in the White House.”

Trump has famously gold plated/leafed doors, moldings and even ceilings in his homes, but says there’s a place for that and it’s not at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., although there is a place for it up the street at his new hotel.

As for Hillary … she’s already proven in the 8 years she called it home … the White House stays the White House.


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