Donald Trump's Muslim Ban Throws TV Shows into Chaos

2/2/2017 12:50 AM PST

Exclusive Details

0201-hollywood-border-control-GETTY-01President Trump‘s immigration order has Hollywood execs and actors freaking out … because Muslim and Middle Eastern roles are pivotal for a bunch of TV shows.

Casting sources tell us … the 2 networks hit the hardest by Trump’s order are NBC and Netflix. “For God and Country” — produced by the “Homeland” folks — have a pilot order from NBC which calls for a number of Middle Eastern actors.

We’re told Netflix has a show in the works which also features numerous Middle Eastern characters.

Marc Cherry has an untitled pilot for ABC as well that’s set to star a late 20’s Middle Eastern man … alongside Reba McEntire.

Here’s the prob — casting agents rely heavily on people from the 7 countries on Trump’s ban list. One big casting agent says it’s always been difficult to cast these roles, but now it’s “super f***** up.” 

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