Drake — Late Night Visit to Drake U. … Sorority Chicks Miss Out! (VIDEO)

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Drake made the ultimate salute to his fave college, Drake University … but didn’t even give the students a chance to big him up, since he went in all top secret. 

Drake stopped by the campus in Iowa super early Wednesday morning after his show in Des Moines. He cruised down Greek row looking to holler at some sororities. You can tell by this clip … there are some pissed off women on campus today. 

1005_DRAKE_Drake_university_instagramThe ladies of Kappa Kappa Gamma tell TMZ … they were part of a huge social media campaign to get Drizzy to visit. They say there were rumors he was on campus, but no one spotted him. 

Now that they’ve seen the vids he posted … the KKGs say they’re crushed, and they’re desperately trying to get him to swing back for a home-cooked meal. We’re guessing they’d even break out their best Top Ramen.

They’ve probably missed out — he only had one night scheduled in Iowa — but now they know when that doorbell rings, it can only mean one thing: Drake WAS in town, and they slept through it.

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