Drunk Guy Has Argument Texting Himself After Girl Gives Him His Own Number!

It would have been bad enough for Scottish fellow Martin McNally if he had simply not realized that he had been given his own phone number. Yet in a drunken stupor he proceeded to text and call himself, getting increasingly annoyed and angry.

It all started one night when McNally, his girlfriend and some buddies went out drinking in their hometown of Dundee. When he returned home, he wanted to call a mutual friend and asked his girlfriend, Nicole Dunlop for the digits. Yet she gave him his own phone number.

He thought he was calling his mate, but since it was his own phone and the line was busy his phone would “beep” which caused him to think his friend was trying to call him back. This led him to text his friend in a never ending infinite loop.

McNally woke up the next day and like the sudden realization at the end of Fight Club that Edward Norton’s character is also Tyler Durden, he saw all of the calls and texts from himself were to himself. He says:

“I was too drunk to realize it was my own number. I must have got frustrated in the end and left it because I didn’t realize what I had done until the next day when I went through my phone calls. When I saw the repeated messages I thought, “what the hell have I done”. I showed it Nicole and she was laughing at me. She is at university studying business management so she clearly has the brain cells.”

What is the dumbest thing you have ever done while hammered?

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