'Duck Dynasty' Co-Creators: Judge Says Let Them Back into the Empire, Or Else

‘Duck Dynasty’ Co-Creators

Judge Says …

Let Them Back into the Empire, Or Else

6/19/2017 12:29 PM PDT


The co-creators of “Duck Dynasty” are about to get back in business … and if their business partners dare try to squeeze them out they will have hell to pay.

Scott and Deirdre Gurney, the co-creators of the once wildly popular show, were thrown out of the business by ITV, the British network that co-owned the show.

A judge ruled back in March that ITV had no right to 86 the Gurneys and ordered the network to let them back in. That apparently didn’t happen.

Friday, a judge just laid down the law in terms that could not be more clear … if ITV doesn’t let the Gurneys back in, they will be socked with a $12k fine.

The order requires ITV to allow Scott and Deirdre access to company emails, the right to hire/fire staff and access to at least $500k to spend on development.

ITV and the Gurneys are in the midst of a feud stemming from a $100 million lawsuit in which ITV alleged the co-creators engaged in fraud.

The Gurneys deny any wrongdoing and claim they were intimidated and extorted.

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