'DWTS' Winner Nyle DiMarco Outraged At Jimmy Fallon, Jamie Foxx For Making Fun of the Deaf with Sign Language (VIDEO)

‘DWTS’ Winner Nyle DiMarco

Outraged at Fallon, Foxx

Making Fun of the Deaf

5/27/2017 7:02 AM PDT

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Nyle DiMarco is outraged at Jamie Foxx and Jimmy Fallon for a skit he says mocks deaf people.

Foxx was on Fallon’s show Thursday night and at one point Fallon tossed to a break. As he’s tossing, Jamie is doing fake sign-language to the camera.

The audience laughed, but Nyle — who is deaf — is outraged. The winner of both “DWTS” and “America’s Next Top Model” is shocked the skit was broadcast, saying, “How was this allowed? Where’s the cultural sensitivity. Not comedy when you make fun of others.”

Nyle had words for Foxx as well … “It is straight up disrespectful to make up sign language. Everything is in gibberish.”

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