EA Sports' Social Media Guy Hilariously Screwed Up When Posting This Image

“What’s so fuckin’ funny?”
“Your tweet, dude! Better look at it again.”

Being a social media manager has got to be one tough job, mainly because people have yet to really learn to take their precious time when posting images and text for millions of people to read. Especially if you’re on a handheld device making the details in said pictures that much harder to see before posting away.

The social media guy for EA Sports’ Madden game learned this fact the hard way recently when he was simply letting EA’s followers know that they’re giving away Madden17 for XBox 1. Only it wasn’t really the free game that caught the eye of the Twitter handle’s 400,000 followers. Normally, this type of subtle detail would have gone unnoticed but the internet loves to find every flaw in every possible thing posted online so users were quick to find the easter egg within the photo.

See if you can spot it before flipping the card.

Note to self, if you’re taking pictures of a Christmas tree for work, make sure you’re wearing AT LEAST pants and a shirt. There’s that whole reflection thing that usually happens when photographing ornaments.

Before everyone could say “Dude, we can see your bulge” the tweet disappeared from @EAMaddenNFL but since the internet is like the old west and the fastest draw wins, at least one person was able to screen capture the tweet and share for all to enjoy.

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The tweet wasn’t reposted with a more appropriate image and unfortunately we don’t know if the Madden’s social media guy who obviously loves to sit around his house in his boxers (hell, can you blame him?!) got to keep his job, but either way, let this serve as a lesson to us all when posting anything online…ever.

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