Ed Begley Jr.'s Self-Sustaining L.A. Home Only Has $10 Utility Bill

Ed Begley Jr.

Self-Sustaining L.A. Home Only Has $10 Utility Bill

10/7/2017 12:30 AM PDT


“St. Elsewhere” star Ed Begley Jr.‘s newly built L.A. home should be the envy of all his neighbors because it’s completely self-sustainable with a $10 monthly utility bill.

Ed — who some might also recognize from “Best in Show” and “Better Call Saul” — just built the first-of-its-kind home in L.A.’s Studio City neighborhood. The actor worked with architect William Hefner, and builder to the stars Scott Harris at Building Construction Group, on the 5-year project. Scott and Ed worked together to develop some of the innovative features.

The old crib on the property was toxic, so they had to start from the ground up. Apart from the usual eco-friendly solar panels and recycled wood, here’s what Ed got for $2.8 mil.

— Chlorine-free pool purified by an electrolysis system

— Fiberglass walls for better insulation, and recycled steel frame to prevent warping and rotting

— A unit that recycles A/C water to use on the plants 

— Antique gutters that funnel rain water into storage tank

— Motion-sensored water heating system that heats water before it’s turned on

But the coolest feature is the tile in the master bath which is made completely of recycled bottles, yet you’d never be able to tell from the photos.

We’re told the home would’ve cost way more to build with traditional materials. Ed also got a deal on the build since some of the features had never been done before.

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