Election Good News: These Are The States That Just Legalized Weed

Whether you’re super pumped about the results of the election or super bummed, one things is certain for some citizens of this great country; weed is now more legal than ever. Sure, you could drive over to states like Colorado, Washington, Oregon or Alaska and purchase 28 grams even as a tourist (thanks to a change in laws in June 2016), but that seems like a damn hassle. Now however, three more states are officially allowing you to get carry and get blazed without the fear of being arrested (or worse, sent to prison).

Just tending to their legal weed garden.

Legal Recreational Marijuana:

California legalized weed last night thanks to a 56 percent vote in favor of. It brings a whole new meaning to the lyrics “I wish they all could be California girls” because stoned ladies are way more fun to be around. Analysts are predicting that the tax revenue, thanks to weed sales, could equal up to $1 billion a year for the state.

Massachusetts also legalized weed this week with 53 percent voting in favor of. Bahhhston literally just got way more chill as of this writing.

Nevada has also made it legal to buy and smoke weed for recreational purposes for adults 21 and over, just like the other two states. Much like California, analysts believe that the law’s passing will also bring in over $1 billion in tax revenue a year starting out.

But beyond the legalization of buying weed, most of these states are also allowing people to grow and keep marijuana plants in their homes. Depending on the state, it could be up to six marijuana plants per household. Time to turn the Break office into a glass house, kids!

Legal Medical Marijuana:

Arkansas residents voted to make medical marijuana legal, which makes it the first state in the Bible Belt to do so.

Florida, North Dakota and Montana also passed laws to make medical marijuana legal, allowing doctors to suggest marijuana to patients with severe medical conditions. No word if the need to Netflix and Chill is being considered as a severe medical condition. How about YOU try finding something decent to watch for 30 minutes and NOT get a sore shoulder from holding up the remote.

So, regardless of how you’re feeling today after the Presidential election, there is at least ONE thing we can all agree on; it’s a real fascinating time to be living in America.


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