Elon Musk Reportedly Dumped Amber Heard Because She Lied All The Time

Elon Musk


I was gonna write about how Tina Fey said we should all stress eat cake to fight white supremacy and racism, but liberal white ladies have been doing that for aw while and I don’t want to start and be accused of cultural appropriation. Besides, they’re great at. Nothing quite says neoliberalism quite like, “let them eat cake”. Anyway, here’s about Amber Heard/Elon Musk story that I know you were dying to know about. It comes from Star (via Cele|bitchy). Apparently Amber Heard lies a lot.

Elon Musk said he and Amber Heard split up because of the “distance,” but sources claim it was close encounters of the come-hither kind that sealed her fate. “Elon caught Amber in countless lies. She would tell him she was having a quiet night in when she was actually out clubbing,” says a source, adding that Amber didn’t act like she had a boyfriend while she was in Australia. “But Amber would always drop Elon’s name when she went shopping.” Friends did try to warn Musk that Johnny Depp’s ex-wife was a golddigger dressed in hand-me-downs. “Elon had to learn that the hard way,” says the pal. “He couldn’t see it at first, but Amber was just using him.”

Amber Heard likes wealthy white men and not so wealthy white women depending on the mood she’s in, so maybe she’s trying to tear down the patriarchy by making them go insane or having a judge make them donate all their money to charity? Noble, but that seem overly complicated.


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