Elvis Presley's Jeep, Ryan Gosling's Chevy and Nicolas Cage's Motorcycle Hit the Auction Block (PHOTO GALLERY)

Hollywood’s Movie Cars

Elvis’ Jeep, Gosling’s Chevy, Cage’s Bike

All Up for Grabs!

5/11/2017 4:24 PM PDT

Exclusive Details

Ryan Gosling and Elvis Presley‘s famous rides are about to be up for grabs — meaning this is probably your one and only shot to plant your ass where theirs were … if ya got the dough.

Auction houses Dan Kruse Classics and Flat 12 Gallery are unloading a hangar full of cars and motorcycles used in movies like Elvis’ “Tickle Me,” Ryan’s “Drive” and Nic Cage‘s “Ghost Rider.” They also have vehicles from shows like “Sons of Anarchy,” “Entourage” and “Mad Men.”

According to our auction sources the ’65 Jeep Tuxedo Edition Elvis drove is expected to go for $30k to $40k. Bids on the ’73 Chevelle from “Drive” should hit $20k to $30k … and at least $15k for Cage’s 1999 Buell motorbike.

All told, they’re looking for the total auction haul to top $145k.

Start your engines, and open your wallets!

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