Erika Girardi Still Sees Herself As A Bad B*tch After 'RHOBH' Episode

Erika Girardi

Erika Girardi may be new to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she’s learning that nothing she says is really sacred. When Erika heard her co-stars talking about Yolanda Foster’s children, she went straight to Yolanda to tell her all about it. And while Foster was thankful, her co-stars were not. When Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards were confronted with the news, they accused Erika of lying. And despite the accusation, it sounds like Girardi still sees herself as a bad b*tch. According to a new report, Erika Girardi gladly celebrates her lifestyle.

After being called a liar, Erika retweeted an article from Buzzfeed that outlined why she’s such a refreshing face to the cast. And Girardi knows that she may rattle some feathers, while staying true to herself – and her friends. 

“First off, I am not a p*ssy or a liar. I never said that Lisa RInna was the one who said anything about Yolanda’s children,” Erika Girardi revealed in her blog, adding, “As far as me “shutting down” this conversation…yes it should be shut down, the whole thing. No more talking about the validity of Yolanda’s illness and no more talking about her children’s health. This is not acceptable and it is not the way “friends” treat each other.”

Erika revealed that she was shocked to see the women talk about Yolanda Foster’s illness so much on the show. She wrote in her blog that life is too short to focus on other people’s struggles and she just wants to move on. But one can imagine that the ladies won’t let this one slide. A liar or not, Girardi owns who she is. 

What do you think of Erika Girardi celebrating who she is after being called a liar on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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