Evan Rachel Wood Is Engaged To A Married Dude In Her Band

Evan Rachel Wood


Evan Rachel Wood is engaged to Zach Villa. He’s the dude in the banner pic. He looks like he knows what this post is about.

Dolores is getting hitched! Evan Rachel Wood is engaged to her bandmate Zach Villa, her rep confirms exclusively to Us Weekly. Wood, who is now Nashville-based, and Villa met in 2015 when they performed together at a cabaret with a John Hughes (Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club) theme. They launched the musical duo group Rebel and a Basketcase that same year.

Page Six unfortunately had to Twitter egg all over Us Weekly‘s excitement.

Villa is still married to actress and audio-book narrator Amy Landon. Landon was his bandmate in a group called Cylvia. But another source explains, telling us, “Zach has been separated from his ex for quite some time.”

Ah ok, he’s been separated for “quite some time”, so I guess that’s cool or whatever. Anyway, this is one of their music videos. They’re super into the 80s and justifying being engaged when one of them is still married. Congrats to the happy couple.




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