Evelyn Lozada to Carl Crawford: I'm Keeping the $1.4 Million Engagement Ring

Evelyn Lozada

To Carl Crawford:

I’m Keeping the $1.4 Mil Ring!

8/13/2017 12:50 AM PDT

The engagement’s off … but if you think Evelyn Lozada is giving back that 14.5 carat diamond engagement ring she got from Carl Crawford you’re out of your mind. 

The ex-MLB superstar — who once signed a $142 MILLION contract — proposed to the “Basketball Wives” star with the $1.4 million ring back in 2013. Evelyn obviously said, “Yes.”

The two were set to get married 3 weeks ago — but Evelyn pulled the plug after getting suspicious about Carl’s fidelity. 

Legally, Lozada is obligated to give the ring back — since an engagement ring is considered a conditional gift in California, the condition being she has to get married. 

But sources close to Lozada tell us … Crawford ain’t getting it back, period. 

We’re told she’s planning on keeping the ring in a safe and passing it on to her kids one day. And at this point, she’s not expecting Carl to put up a fight. 

Talk about a fabulous parting gift. 

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