Ex-Cavs Star Daniel Gibson Says Writing Saved Him from Suicidal Depression

Ex-Cavs Star Daniel Gibson

Writing Music Saved Me

from Suicidal Depression

5/18/2017 10:50 AM PDT

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Ex-Cleveland Cavs star Daniel “Boobie” Gibson says he was in a suicidal place after a series of personal issues around 2014 … but writing music saved his life. 

His ankle was messed up. His marriage was falling apart. And his grandmother died … and Gibson said he got to a place where “being alive wasn’t something I wanted anymore.”

“I was just hit with a flurry of events,” Gibson told Dime Magazine … “Mentally, It just took away my ability to work out. I was suffering from depression and anxiety.”

“Honestly, basketball was my sanctuary, but I couldn’t even do that … I really got to the point where being alive wasn’t something I wanted anymore.”

Gibson says he just “started writing” music … “about how I felt, what I wanted to feel like, what I wanted to accomplish, and it all just kept me going.”

“It — along with my son — basically saved my life.”

Gibson says he’s in a MUCH better place now and is even considering an NBA comeback. At the same time, his music career is blowing up … he’s working with big stars like Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa.

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