Expedia Wins Best Customer Service Ever After Sending 'F*ck You' To Customer

Looking for decent travel deals is a headache by itself, but then booking that travel through third parties like Expedia can be the real treat when it comes to taking trips. Add the fact that an itinerary gets screwed up and, well, this is why most people just stay home. Expedia is in hot water after a customer asked them to correct their bill because they applied travel insurance for their baby. Insurance the mother didn’t need because the baby would be sitting on her lap and didn’t need a ticket.

Okay, sooooo why is Expedia in hot water? Because when the woman went back to check her itinerary to make sure all was fixed, a message from customer service was waiting for her which plainly said “Fuck you!” That’s right, WITH an exclamation point!

However there was more joy for the mother of one to take in. Not only did she receive such a delightful message but the customer service agent also cancelled her entire booked trip. Holy crap, that’s a whole lot of spite served up at once! What gives??

It wasn’t just the correction that annoyed the customer service agent who will apparently remain nameless (no sources have given the agent’s name), it was the survey that the mother filled out after receiving the unnecessary charge the first time around. Hey, if you don’t want customers to speak honestly, don’t offer a survey! The mom did indeed answer the survey honestly, which she suspects is exactly why the agent went full Michael Douglas from Falling Down on her tickets.

Here’s the story from CBS LA.

Expedia finally responded to the woman’s complaint after news stations were phoning in to get their side of the issue. They not only refunded the woman’s travel but also gave her a $500 voucher and are investigating the matter to see which agent lost their mind. Do you think a $500 voucher is enough after this headache?

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