Ezekiel Elliott — Marijuana Tourist … During Seattle Road Trip (VIDEO + PHOTO)


When in Seattle … check out the LEGAL recreational weed shops — that’s what Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott did before preparing to play the Seahawks. 

The 21-year-old rookie hit up the “Herban Legends” weed shop in Belltown — a 5 minute drive from the Space Needle — where he checked out some of the merchandise Thursday afternoon. 

For the record … our sources tell us they did NOT see Elliott make any sort of a purchase — and we’re told it’s VERY common for tourists to just browse the weed shops while visiting town. 

0825_ezekiel-elliot_weed-shop_sports_wmElliott didn’t seem like he was hiding or embarrassed to be there — and even posed for pics with fans outside the shop. 

Despite the fact it’s legal in Seattle, weed is still outlawed in the NFL — and players who test positive for marijuana could be suspended. 

We reached out to the Cowboys for comment — so far, no word back. 

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