Facebook Sued for Age Discrimination, Accused of Mocking 50-Year-Old

Facebook Sued

They Called Me the ‘Creepy’ Old Guy

… Says 50-Yr-Old

9/22/2017 4:58 PM PDT

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Facebook created a workplace where employees openly mocked a guy for being as ancient as — wait for it — 50 years old … at least according to the ex-worker who’s suing. 

Gary Glouner says he worked under the Facebook umbrella for 2 years, and during that time was the butt of many ageist jokes. According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, the age cracks included:

– “Old people shouldn’t be working at Facebook; they just don’t relate”
– “Old people are just creepy”
– “Old people don’t belong at Facebook”

Glouner says Mark Zuckerberg himself made public comments in 2007 where he said, “Young people are just smarter.” He adds … the ageism was institutional because during an HR presentation they displayed a chart highlighting the low energy of employees in their 50s.

Worst of all, he says his co-workers in their 20s and 30s always got cake and group celebrations — while he got bupkis. Glouner says his boss told him they didn’t want to embarrass him by highlighting his advanced age. We’ve reached out to Facebook … no word back.

Damn. No cake?

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