FB Live Video Shows Girl Trying To Save Boyfriend From Overdose With Narcan

WARNING: This video ain’t pretty.

Recorded on June 21st in the Dorchester area of Massachusetts, the following video shows the moment a woman wakes up in her car after passing out from heroin, then discovers her boyfriend is in the process of overdosing right next to her:

If you don’t make it through the whole video (understandably, though since I watched the entire thing and you didn’t that makes you a giant flappy pussy), the boyfriend is eventually revived after several rounds of CPR and two doses of Narcan, a medication that blocks the effects of opioids in the event of an overdose.

That being said…well, there isn’t much more to say. Normally I’d rip on these people for being junkie morons, but at this point in time that isn’t really fair. The opioid epidemic in this country is spreading quickly, with even librarians in certain states having to learn how to administer Narcan (libraries tend to become focal gathering points for poor and impoverished communities, hence the need for Narcan.) You read that right – librarians. The fucking grandmas who check-out books and read to kids in their spare time now have to learn how to treat heroin overdoses.


Thankfully, for the first time in 20 years opioid prescription rates are dropping.

Now if we could only have our justice system focus on rehabilitation instead of incarceration…HA. Who am I kidding?

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