Feeder Woman Attempting To Be World’s Fattest Keeps Losing Weight Because Of Sex

A woman from Nevada named Patty Sanchez was part of a “Feeder Fetish” relationship for years. A feeder is someone who enjoys having their significant other gain as much weight as possible. As the feedie, Patty was encouraged to consume 13,000 calories of fatty junk food a day, while moving very little. Where do I signup?

Coming in at 714 pounds Patty was still several hundred pounds shy of being “The World’s Fattest.” That title was taken by the late, great Carol Yager who at the time of her death weighed 1,200 pounds. We all have goals.

We recently took a look at a Feeder/ Feedie Fetish couple from Fortworth Texas who was also working on becoming the “World’s Fattest Woman.” Monica Riley has a goal of becoming so fat that she cannot move.

The competition.

Well it seems that large lady has one less competitor for the title. That’s because Patty keeps losing weight thanks to all the sex she is having with her new boyfriend.Once she broke up with the feeder fetishist, she met a new man named Bryan Johnson (no relation to the singer from AC/DC, but you could say that this lovebird was thunderstruck) on a dating website for Big Beautiful Women.

The two hit it off right away and Patty started shedding the pounds from all the lovin’. While it is sad that she is not going to achieve her goal of being the world’s fattest woman, she seems happy with the new and unexpected direction her life has taken.

Patty says of her new man;

‘My ex would do everything for me. It got to the point where I was struggling to even walk to the bathroom and I realized that I was killing myself. My life needed to change. Brian likes big women and we have a lot in common. I’m completely in love with this man. I’ve never felt love like this and I feel like Bryan has totally changed my life.”

Bryan loves the large ladies however he says he doesn’t mind if Patty loses some weight to stay alive long enough for the two to get married. They have a goal of Patty being able to stand on her own next to Bryan when they walk down the aisle.  He says;

“Even though I have a preference for large women and that’s always been a thing for me, the reason I’m with her is because I love who she is not what she is.”

If these two can make it, there is hope and inspiration for all of us.

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