Fellas, The Next Time You Go Down On A Woman, Remember What This Wife Did

A wife was so angry at her husband recently, she actually laced her vagina with poison. Why? Because they were planning on fooling around and he was about to go down on his wifey. Only this wifey wanted him DEAD!

Unfortunately for her, the husband knew something was a little off when his lady didn’t smell like her usual lady self. The 43-year-old husband noticed an unusual stink coming from his wife’s hoo-ha which also set off the husband’s spidey sense. And if you smell a weird odor coming from a lady’s nether regions, you best back off, poison or no poison.

Apparently the husband was worried his wife wasn’t feeling well due to the real foul stink coming from down south, and while she was at the hospital, the doctors had ran some quick tests to realize the liquid on her vajay wasn’t something they had encountered before. And that’s when she confessed to drowning her lady business in poison.

Luckily the husband had some smarts and didn’t pull a “Oh, this must’ve been a mistake, my baby wouldn’t do that!” so he left her AND plans on suing her crazy vagina for trying to put him in the dirt.

Of course the woman wasn’t too bright on a couple of levels. One being that the vagina is actually able to ABSORB, so really you’re just poisoning yourself as well AND the fact that she had a husband who still enjoyed going down on her.

So why did she want him dead? One of the more classic reasons, her husband recently cheated on her. She had planned on killing him, then killing herself next. This might even be a new one for Break. Points for being creative at least.


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