Female Olympic Athletes Are Posing Nude To Celebrate Their Most Powerful Tools

Female athletes just aren’t as appreciated as your other more popular male athletes, which might be why these female competitors in the upcoming Olympics are stripping down to their birthday suits to show the public that they can be as strong as any damn man. And, of course, with way more sex appeal.

England’s female Rugby team decided to show it all off for Women’s Health UK’s “Feel Great Naked” issue. Our favorite of all the issues! And despite their outer appearance, these women could probably kick all of our asses.

The players included, from left to right in the below pic, Olympians Heather Fisher, Amy Wilson-Hardy, Michaela Staniford, Danielle Waterman and Claire Allan. Of course the issue includes other fine ladies joining the fight to Make Nudity Great Again like Lea Michele and model Iskra Lawrence (seen in the first photo above).

Going for the gold.

Since we don’t really have a horse in this race, we wish these ladies all the best during their Rugby competition. As for us, we’ll be enjoying gymnastics as per usual.



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