Feminazis In An Uproar Because Saudi Arabian Council For Girls Has No Girls

Saudi Arabia, welcome to the current year! The Islamic country where homosexuality is punishable by death just got woke to empowering girls!

Here’s a photo of the press conference where Prince Faisal bin Mishal bin Saud announced the launch of the Qassim Girls Council:

Of course, liberals gonna lib, and the implacable left just had to find something wrong with this effort to move things in the right direction. Can you spot it? Here’s the picture again:

Yeah, I know, all I see is a bunch of people trying to make things better in this world. I’m so woke I don’t see any of the many shades of color OR the many shades of gender. But the identity-obsessed among us have decided to make a big deal out of the fact that the photo celebrating the launch of the Qassim Girls Council doesn’t have any girls in it. Which isn’t even necessarily true, since we don’t know the gender identity of any of the “male”-presenting persons in the picture.

Give Saudi Arabia some credit. Sure, you can still have your head cut off in public as punishment for dealing drugs, but check out all these awesome other councils for advancing human rights:

Here’s the head of the Council On Listening to Women Even When They’re Being Annoying:


Of course, what would any progressive nation be without a Diversity Council, picture here:

Network execs take note! Here’s their Council on Ethnic Comedy:

The president of the Monogamy Council is seen here with his family:

Here’s the head of Saudi Arabia’s Council On Kids’ Health:

And just because Saudi Arabia has an average summer temperature of 113° doesn’t mean the kids don’t like to get outside and kick the ol’ soccer ball around in the dirt! Here’s the head of the Council For Youth Sports:

And as the world becomes more diverse and multi-cultural—always a good thing!—Saudi Arabia has formed a Council on Peaceful Race Relations, pictured here:

Visit Saudi Arabia today!

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