Film Critic Discusses Renee Zellweger's Face, Feminists Launch Online Attack

If you write for an online magazine, you better not mention an actresses looks these days, no matter how great your points are. Why? Because the feminists will unleash their wrath upon thee for doing so.

Variety writer Owen Gleiberman decided to discuss Bridget Jones’ Baby, the third movie in the Bridget Jones saga which just released it’s first trailer but Gleiberman had one major complaint about what he had seen. It’s not necessarily new news that Zellweger has had some work done, which isn’t the complaint in Gleiberman’s piece. It’s the fact that she really doesn’t look like her Bridget Jones character anymore which was his only issue.

Does she look so different that it looks like a weird gummy Polar Express version of Zellweger? Well, no. But he does have a point in that it’s actually kind of hard to focus on the trailer itself because the Bridget Jones character looks like it’s played by an almost totally different person.

Most people who read Gleiberman’s article decided to attack him for saying how sexist he was, pointing out that Zellweger should be allowed to age seeing as that’s just how the human process works and her Bridget Jones character isn’t a friggin’ Highlander. But again, aging wasn’t the writer’s point. What was his point? Bridget Jones no longer really looks like Bridget Jones. Why? Because Zellweger clearly has had some work done and not because she now has a few wrinkles as the complainers would like to think.

The really interesting part about Owen’s article on Zellweger is that he actual makes a compelling argument toward Zellweger’s empowering effect on women’s looks, especially at the beginning of her career. Was Zellweger ever a sex symbol? No. Yet unlike most leading female actresses in the past twenty years, Zellweger was able to snag roles in some of Hollywood’s biggest movies opposite Hollywood’s biggest (and most attractive) leading men. Yet the fact remains that she’s now getting work done to presumably look “better” or “younger”, which is contrary to what she had been achieving in the past as looking like just a, wait for it, NORMAL EVERY DAY PERSON! That was her primary appeal, YOU could be Renee Zellweger. Now however, she looks just like any other Hollywood actress because appearances come first. And if you’ve had obvious work done, well, then you’re not the “normal every day person” anymore, are you? And that’s who Bridget Jones was. A normal every day person.

Of course people don’t want to hear that and would rather you just praise every female’s appearance and not for once second say anything that could at all be taken negatively.

I love your work, Christina Applegate, but again, aging wasn’t the writer’s point.




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