Finally, Photographic Proof Women Are Just As Gross As Dudes, If Not More So

For centuries, men have been depicted as disgusting pigs while women assert themselves as the perfect sex. Frankly, it’s hard to say we are able to do anything right because the ladies are quick to tell us that everything we do is either gross or just plain wrong. Well, we now have photographic proof that women can be just as gross as men, if not MORE gross, thanks to this woman caught taking a royal shit in the park for all to see.

Was she homeless? No. Was she pretty friggin’ gross? YEP.

The mother of three who took the photograph said she had never seen anything like it in her life. Stuck in rush hour traffic at the end of her work day, she looked over and saw the woman lift her skirt, crouch down by a sturdy tree and literally drop a number two on the summer grass as if she was laying down a picnic blanket. But what she did next took her grossness to the next level.

After the woman finished, leaving her filthy shit on the ground for some poor bastard to step in, she walked over to her boyfriend and extended her hand, wanting him to smell it. That’s right, she was so gross she just really wanted her loved one to smell the dump underneath her fingernails for fun.

The woman told the press, “I had to take a picture because no-one would have believed me. I was nearly sick. She pulled up her dressing gown and did a [number two].”

Of course it’s a big win for the male sex because not only is there proof that women can be as gross as us guys, but there’s confirmation that women poop as well! A myth that has existed long before we were all born. Capturing a woman pooping has been harder to photograph than the damn Bigfoot but we now have it. The lie is over!

As for what men should do now is carry on as you were. And if a woman complains about how gross we are, pull the photograph of the woman shitting by a tree out of your wallet and show them that leaving a little dribble on the toilet seat isn’t the worst thing in the world.



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