Finally, The Reason Why Some Farts Smell Terrible And Others Don’t

Everybody farts. You fart. Your mom farts. I’m farting while writing this article. It’s a gross, but natural part of everyday life.

Like breathing, but smellier

Most healthy people fart about ten to twenty times every day and as I’m sure you’ve noticed, some of your farts don’t stink at all, while others smell so atrocious that they could easily be weaponized. In a conversation with Thrillist, one of Connecticut Gastroenterology Consultants’ gastroenterologist Dr. Myron Brand gave up the full stink on all things fart.


 As with most health issues, you are what you eat and farts aren’t any different.

“Smelly odor is not bad, it’s just a function of what you’re eating and what your bacteria is doing inside your gastrointestinal tract. Everyone is different,” Dr. Brand continued. “Foul smell just means the carbohydrates you consume are being malabsorbed — it’s fermented.”

In a cruel twist of fate, healthier foods often cause worse smelling farts. Your daily fart count or DFC goes up when you eat a lot of heavy fiber food like sprouts, broccoli and quinoa which makes sense because fiber is great for your digestive system and rectal gas expulsions are a natural part of that process. High protein foods like red meat increase the sulfur composition of our farts, which is what gives them the famous rotten egg smell. If your farts smell so terrible that they can peel paint off of a car and you eat hamburgers and broccoli for every meal, those things are definitely related.

 “Some people are methane producers, and some people are hydrogen sulfide producers — which causes flatulence to smell like rotten egg. It’s all a function of what you eat,” says Dr. Brand

If you’re looking to eat healthier while farting less, Dr Bran suggests a high protein, low carb diet called low-FODMAP but that’s only for people with serious issues. If you blast out a stinker on occasion, that’s just your digestive system letting you know that it’s doing its job. 

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