First Man Teaser Takes Ryan Gosling to the Moon

On July 20th, 1969 at exactly 10:56 PM Eastern, Neil Armstrong became the first man to step foot on the moon. First Man, which stars Ryan Gosling as Armstrong, has released a new video to celebrate the 49th anniversary of the world-changing event. While the first trailer of the film focused on the events leading up to the mission (years 1961 to 1969), this new video takes place directly after that first trailer ends, with Gosling’s Armstrong about to step foot on the moon for the very first time. While the video is short, it’s a powerful reminder of the important anniversary in world history.

First Man also released a new poster today for the 49th Anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s legendary steps. The new poster is just simply a picture of an empty astronaut suit against a white backdrop. While at first glance the suit doesn’t look like much, upon further inspection, one realizes just how detailed and revolutionary that the suit is. That is the suit that allowed Armstrong to walk on the moon and live to tell the tale back in 1969, when a computer was the size of a giant office and the internet was first being thought of.

On this date in 1969, Neil Armstrong and Apollo 11 Lunar Module pilot Buzz Aldrin performed the first moon landing. Armstrong was the first out of the module and then Aldrin. The duo spent over 2 hours outside the module while Michael Collins stayed behind. Armstrong stepped out on to the moon and famously said, That’s one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind.” When the three astronauts returned home, they were awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by then president Richard M. Nixon. Contrary to popular belief, the moon landing was not staged in Hollywood, it was a real-life event.

On the heels of their six-time Academy Award winning smash, La La Land, Oscar winning director Damien Chazelle and star Ryan Gosling reteam for Universal Pictures’ First Man. The film tells the riveting story of NASA’s mission to land a man on the moon, focusing on Neil Armstrong and the years 1961 to 1969. A visceral, first-person account, based on the book by James R. Hansen, the movie will explore the sacrifices and the cost, on Armstrong and on the nation, of one of the most dangerous missions in history.

First Man was written by Academy Award winner Josh Singer, the drama is produced by Wyck Godfrey & Marty Bowen through their Temple Hill Entertainment banner, alongside Damien Chazelle. Steven Spielberg, Isaac Klausner, Adam Merims, and Singer executive produce. First Man will open in theaters on October 12th, but while we wait, you can check out the brand-new video from the movie that celebrates one of the most important pieces of world history below, thanks to the First Man Facebook page.

<strong><em>First Man</em></strong> Movie poster

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