Fitness Model Says Body Fat Is At All-Time High And She Couldn’t Be Happier

28-year-old Nicole Mejia is not fat. Yes, the title says that her body fat is currently at an all-time high, but YOUR body fat and MY body fat being at all-time highs are not the same as Nicole’s. The creator of Fit&Thick, Nicole began working as a model back when she was 21 after one of her friends asked if she’d pose for her portfolio. Since then she’s worked with a variety of other artists and brands, however her passion in life appears to be fitness.

Like I said, Nicole isn’t fat. You can tell she’s got a helluva lot of muscle built up, so by my standards her post isn’t that inspiring. For the record, this is what’s gotten people all up in SJW-arms over supporting Nicole as a “curvy” woman:

Time for me to get real with you guys.
My body fat percentage is currently the highest that it’s been since I started Fit and Thick.
Funny thing is, so is my happiness and self-acceptance.
When I was on my quest to “look the part” of entering the fitness industry, I ended up losing what fitness was for me in the first place.
It never used to be about looking a certain way, but about the mental clarity and emotional release that I was able to achieve after an hour of pushing my body past what I thought I was capable of.
It was how I was able to find body acceptance in the first place.

By placing so much emphasis on my aesthetic goals, I lost touch with the fulfillment that I once experienced through my relationship with fitness.
It’s an important lesson to grasp and I hope that by being open with my revelation, I can light the way for you to connect these same dots within yourself.

You can read the rest of Nicole’s message HERE, but it’s really just more of the same – “love yourself, love me, who cares what you look like JUST BE YOU.”

Which, to be fair, I agree with Nicole. If being a little heavier makes you happy, then go for it. If being a LOT heavier makes you happy, you are lying. Everyone should be happy with how they look, and if you find yourself being unhappy you either need to change the way you think or change the way you look. Granted, that’s easier said than done – diet and exercise can be a rough adjustment for anyone, just like how looking at your unruly FUPA in the mirror and telling yourself “Damn, I look good today” can be a grueling practice in mental gymnastics.

In the end, it’s your life and you should live it how you want to live it. Why people feel the need to make sweeping declarations like “I’M FATTER THAN USUAL AND PROUD” is beyond me, but to each her own – personally, I prefer sending a courier with flowers to my parent’s house every time I boil water without burning the house down. Baby steppin’ into adulthood over here, with a lot of intermittent tripping in the process. 

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