Florida College Student Kills Random Married Couple & Eats Man’s Face

Today in Florida we go to Tequesta where police believe a college student high on the synthetic drug flakka stabbed a married couple to death before eating the dead man’s face.

A 19 year-old sophomore at Florida State University identified as Austin Harrouff had been eating dinner with his parents at a restaurant when he abruptly got up from the table, complaining that the service was taking too long. Unfortunately it seems he found a quicker meal elsewhere.

He then proceeded to walk down a residential street next to the restaurant where he happened upon Michelle Mishcon, 53 and John Stevens, 59. The couple were sitting in their garage with the door open as neighbors say they often did at night (even calling their converted garage, “The Garage-Ma-Hall.” The teenager approached them and began stabbing them to death with his pocket knife. A neighbor tried to intervene and was also stabbed but lived.

When police arrived they discovered Harrouff on top of the husband, viciously eating the already deceased man’s face. Officers struggled to stop him, tasering the attacker who was grunting and growling as he bit his victim. The taser did not seem to bother the zombie like frat boy and it took several policemen and a K-9 unit to subdue him. Friends of the attacker say that stabbing someone to death and biting their face off is “out of character” for the student who wrestled and played football in high school and has no prior criminal history.

Harrouff  is still in the hospital from injuries he sustained fighting the police as they attempted to stop him from eating human flesh. Tests for marijuana, cocaine and other drugs have come back negative, but investigators believe he may have been on a hallucinogen like Flakka. Flakka was the suspected drug in another face eating cannibal incident from 2012. Attacker Rudy Eugene was shot to death when he was found eating a homeless man’s face. The homless man lived.

Would you try Flakka?

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