For Each Gold Medal Team USA Wins Break Editors Will Do A Shot Of Goldschläger!

In order to show our American pride and cheer on Team USA, for every gold medal America wins, the Break Editorial Staff is going to do a shot of Goldschläger! Check back every Wednesday and Friday during the Olympics to watch us get sloppy in support of these American heroes.

Yes, there are real gold flakes in Goldschläger and no, we don’t know if they “come out” later.

The good news is America is crushing it and is in the medal count lead! As of August 9th, 2016 Team USA has dominated the Rio Summer Games racking up six gold medals! So here are Todd, Phil and Winston doing the first round of shots!

Editor’s note: Phil did “cupping” all over his body to help the shots go down.

Highlights include; the very first gold medal of the games was won for Team USA by teen shooter Ginny Thrasher. The metal sounding named teenager took her gun and blasted her way to Olympic glory in the women’s 10 meter air rifle event. This is possibly the most American way to start the games, ever. USA! USA!

She had better get that gold medal.

Michael Phelps is also back kicking some ass in the pool for America. The most decorated Olympian of all time added to his gold bounty by dominating the 4X100 freestyle relay with his teammates on Monday. We totally expect Phelps to ruin our livers for the rest of the games.

Olympic athletes train for years in order to get their bodies in rock solid, shape to bring home the gold for the USA. They stick to strict diets and caloric intake, workout for hours each day hitting the gym and sculpt their bodies into tight fighting form. We would totally do all of those things to make it to Rio ourselves, but we really like ice cream. So instead we are doing shots of gold for the gold! What do you think of that?

Michael is not impressed with our team effort.

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