Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Dies At 46

Whether you like to dig into politics or just simply avoid discussing them at all costs, you knew who Rob Ford was and you at least found him somewhat entertaining. Looking something like Chris Farley’s distant relative, Ford became world famous after video of him allegedly smoking crack hit the internet. Then, in 2013, suddenly everyone was curious about the Mayor of Toronto.

People had contacted Gawker saying they owned a video of the Toronto Mayor smoking crack, and provided a screenshot from that video to prove their claim. That still made its way across the internet and so did a few other videos of Ford, including one where he’s drunkenly ranting at a local McDonalds. Again, Ford was really the most entertaining politician the world has ever known. Entertaining doesn’t necessarily mean good, by the way.


But, despite his faults, a lot of Canadians were fans of Ford and looked forward to seeing him try to become Mayor of Toronto once again in 2018.

Rob Ford stepped down as Mayor of Toronto in September 2014 to deal with his drug issues. Later, Ford also admitted to having cancer that same year before appearing in public with a bald head. This week, Canada has lost Rob Ford to his battle with cancer. You know we need to cure cancer when the illness kills people before their drug addiction does.

Rob Ford is survived by his wife Renata and his two children, Stephanie and Doug.


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