Game That Generates Its Own Universe “No Man’s Sky” Creating Penis Aliens!

If you are not already familiar with the new computer game “No Man’s Sky” the concept is pretty amazing.  Players explore an infinite universe of planets and aliens that are generated by a computer algorithm as users discover them. The game’s creators estimate that this virtual universe could contain 18 quintillion planets; enough to spend billions of real life years exploring and still not be able to visit every planet in the game. Great and I just caught up on my Pokémon Go.

With an endless universe of aliens to explore the online fan community of the game is having lots of fun documenting all the strange and weird new beings they encounter. After all, you could play “No Man’s Sky” and discover creatures that nobody else has seen (which when you report get catalogued to a game database for other players to visit.) Of course with all these random possibilities of what the aliens could look like, users are discovering PENIS shaped creatures.

So to recap: a quasi-artificially intelligent computer program that is designed to create an entire, endless self-generating universe filled with a diverse array of creatures that pop into existence when they are viewed upon by an observer- a great achievement in both art and technology- has chosen as one of its first tasks to make literal cock goblins. The singularity is near!

If players didn’t find them, these phallic aliens wouldn’t exist. So maybe Schrödinger’s Cat in that box was really just a giant schlong monster?

I guess on this planet calling someone a “Dickhead” is a complement. Some of these look like they have a big twig and berries for a head.

Others are all helmet.

Either way, No Man’s Sky looks pretty awesome. Really makes you stop and question your existence. If as some people say, our own universe is all really just an elaborate simulation, maybe, just maybe somewhere out there, is an as yet to be discovered penis monster alien.

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