German Dating Show Features Naked Women & Men Stranded On An Island: Is This OK?

The Germans have a unique word to describe “deriving pleasure from witnessing other’s pain.” Schadenfreude comes to mind when learning about the new German reality TV dating show “Adam Sucht Eva” (“Adam Searches For Eva”).

I’m afraid and they are naked.

That’s because the show’s premise is probably the most awkward I have ever heard of; naked contestants, 7 celebrities and 11 regular people are stranded on an island and must “find their perfect match.” My only question is what do the gentlemen do if they um, see some of the female contestants and get a little excited, if you know what I mean.

Boners! We’re talking about boners.

Included in the group of naked people are a model, a singer and former athletes went to a remote island in the South Seas where they partake in activities like fishing, cooking or playing games in order to see who they are compatible with. What sort of games are they playing? If the “shoe” fits, wear it? Let’s play help me get this sand out of my vagina- and that’s not a metaphor.

The show promises that the several Adam and Eves who are naked as God created them will go through lots of emotional ups and downs in an effort to find love. Not sure how that gets people in the mood for romance. Maybe whoever is there to rub lotion on each other’s genitals after they are severely sun burned is the winner.

While on European television nudity like this can air uncensored, and is not uncommon, some in Germany have said this show has gone “too far.” What do you think?

Would you join the naked cast of “Adam Sucht Eva?”

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