'Gilmore Girls' 100% More Likely To Have Nudity Thanks To Netflix

The Gilmore Girls are back and the internet is, like, totally super excited! Not only has Netflix successfully brought back hit shows like Arrested Development, Full House and even a series version of Wet Hot American Summer, they’re NOW adding the CW’s Gilmore Girls to that list as well and people are just so damned ecstatic. Hell, they’re even getting Melissa McCarthy to return to her role as that one girl even though now she’s become a mega star!

The Gilmore Girls are finding themselves off the CW/WB network and on the streaming service where pretty much anything is fair game. And we mean anything. What, you think Netflix and Chill actually means chilling? News flash: Netflix and Chill means SEX people!

Does this mean there actually might be something for males 35 and over to watch for in this show while their steaks thaw on the kitchen counter? How about a little nudity and a few swear words! The fact that Gilmore Girls is now removed from such a family-friendly network and on a service looking to push boundaries, it’s at least 100% more likely.

Since the ladies of that one town in Gilmore Girls left the show, they decided to make some career moves that would leave most of their G-rated personas behind that made them such household names. Lauren Graham went on to star in Bad Santa with Billy Bob Thornton, a movie that saw Graham as a saucy bartender often wearing leather and giving gem one-liners like “Fuck me, Santa!” as she banged Thornton’s drunken character in a parking lot. So much for family entertainment!

Alexis Bledel, Graham’s co-star on Gilmore Girls took a similar route, starring in Sin City directed by Robert Rodriguez as Becky the prostitute. Another major step away from the cutesy characters they once portrayed on the sitcom.

Not to mention her role in Mad Men which depicted her in even more of an adult role as a saucy wife seducing a married man, banging him on her living room floor. Oh yeah, and then showing up to his office later in the episode with nothing on but a fur coat. Put that in your top hat, Michigan J. Frog!

Okay, so does Gilmore Girls have nudity and swearing in the new show or not?? The simple is we don’t know but what we can tell you, per our headline, is that it’s 100% more likely. Listen, they were once on the damn CW, which is 0% likely you’ll see any Gilmore nudity. With Netflix? 100% more likely.

With Netflix streaming various shows and films without any sort of rating enforcement for people to know when a titty might be appearing or the F word to rear it’s ugly head, it’s fair game for the Gilmore Girls to show a little GilMORE if you know what I mean. For a while now, sites have been covering the various pieces of “adult” content on Netflix to try and keep anyone that cares in the know. VH1 even made a list titled “These Movies Streaming On Netflix Are Borderline Porn” in 2015. Should Gilmore Girls be added to the list? Only time will tell!

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