Girl Calls Out Classmate After He Sent These Texts, But Did He Deserve It?

We’ve all been there. You’ve had a little bit to drink, you’re in you’re own home chilling out and then a girl that you’ve been attracted to for some time starts texting you. However the girl in this case was just texting the dude about a homework assignment but, being filled with a bit of booze, the guy took the conversation into a bit of an awkward direction. Awkward because the girl wasn’t expecting it.

On one hand, the woman is obviously realizing she texted at a bad time and quickly tries to end the conversation after he admits he’s been drinking. But on the other, the guy isn’t really saying anything wrong, is he? Overall, in this situation, it’s probably best to not keep responding to the guy simply because you know where it’s heading. But the girl responds with a “What?” after he states “Damn, now I feel awkward. I didn’t know lmfao” regarding her age. Y’know what, just don’t respond. Just leave it be.

Buuuuuuut nope, it continues.

After the conversation finally ends, the woman decided to share the slightly awkward texts onto her Twitter page. Granted, she removed the guy’s name but people still somehow knew who the guy was and began tagging him in the Twitter replies.

Her Twitter post showing these texts received over 82,000 retweets. Damn, people are making really good stuff on purpose and can barely get 1 retweet.

The guy was pissed and probably a little embarrassed because at the end of the day, he really didn’t do or say anything wrong. Was he being a bit weird? Absolutely. The girl was just needing something from class. However, did she need to advertise the awkward exchange? Granted, she did remove his name but people are smart and figured out who exactly sent the messages. You could probably narrow it down by her first text if you are in the same class with her at all.

Regardless, hopefully the guy learned his lesson and will now literally just throw his phone into the fire if he had been drinking and gets a text from any pretty girl not immediately looking to bang. But, then again, we all make mistakes and it’s not like he said anything filthy to her. He is only 21 afterall.




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