Girl Finds Boyfriend Is Cheating In Middle Of Date And Live-Tweets Whole Thing

There’s a saying that winners never quit and cheaters never win, and for the most part, the first half of that saying is true. How can you win if you keep quitting? That’s just silly. Cheaters, however, frequently win and no one can do jack shit about it. Just look at how many “Ask a Hottie” columns involve people cheating and getting away with it – it almost makes you wonder if your guy/gal is secretly boning the UPS delivery person behind your back during the day.

(Don’t get paranoid though, there’s no WAY ya gurl is fucking some package-toting dicklicker over you – she’s fucking Chad, your 6’3” neighbor with an 8” dick. Well, maybe fucking Chad. But now that the idea is there you can’t get rid of it, eh?)

But one Twitter user named Ashe Dryden found out the hard way how brutal it is when the person you’ve been cheating on finds out what a pile of scum you are. Having sat down at a hotel restaurant, Ashe was treated to the couple next to her getting into a giant spat over the fact that the girl found out he’d been cheating on her:

It gets worse for him from there:

The excuses were great:

Because that’s exactly how cheating happens: “It was an accident! I woke up and my dick was in her butt or her butt was in my dick I DON’T KNOW IT’S NOT MY FAULT.”

Hint: yes, yes it is entirely your fault.

Real men don’t cry over cappuccinos.

You can read the rest of the tweets HERE, but the highlights are all above – dude gets caught, woman tears him a new asshole and he winds up being in one relationship instead of two; a Romeo & Juliet for 2017 if I ever read one.

[H/T LadBible]

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