Girl Kills Herself Because Of Racist Joke Shared With Friends That Was Reposted

If you have ever needed evidence that our politically correct culture has gone too far, now the PC police are actually responsible for taking a girl’s life. Literally, they killed this nice 16 year old British girl. That’s because Phoebe Connop committed suicide rather than be labeled a racist by her friends and family. PC Police brutality, anyone?

It all started earlier this summer when Phoebe began an online relationship with an Asian boy. The two never actually met in person and while chatting in a private Instagram conversation with a group of friends about the new relationship the teenage girl made an off color joke. She took a pic of herself and tinted the coloring to make her skin appear darker, saying “the only way I’m going to get the approval of his parents is if I look like this.”

OK, that’s actually pretty funny. Come on. She’s playing with stereotypes in an exaggerated manner in an effort to break down racial barriers. That’s some advanced comedy writing right there.  Go watch any shitty romantic comedy, or an Amy Schumer or Tina Fey flick and someone could easily make a joke like this. Did you guys see Sausage Party? They had singing Nazi bottles of German Mustard saying way worse. It. Was. A. Joke.

However, one of her so called “friends” decided that this racially tinged humor warranted a public shaming. The teenagers who have no doubt been indoctrinated their entire young lives into Obama’s Great Britain wanted to make sure Phoebe felt the full wrath of their unwavering political correctness.

The friend took the image and quote from the private conversation and blasted it out on social media, completely out of context. This made the girl fear the imminent backlash of being labeled a racist.  Sadly, rather than deal with this situation she took her own life. Her father discovered that she had hung herself in her bedroom pn July 7th. This week after an investigation, speaking with her friends, the local police revealed the depraved motivation that drove her to suicide. This is a good reminder not to take jokes so seriously.

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