Girl Ordered A Pizza, Received Creepy Texts From Her Delivery Guy As A Bonus

Ordering a pizza is usually a pretty every day task, but what you don’t realize is who exactly will be coming to your door to hand over that pizza. Let alone the person that now has your phone number and knows where you live.

via Metro

One girl had ordered a pizza from Dominos but didn’t realize that her encounter with the delivery guy wouldn’t end the moment she shut the door. He then began to text her as if the two had been dating exclusively, even though they actually spoke to each other for less than a minute.

Unfortunately for the young woman, her “we’re done now” signals weren’t being received and he eventually greeted her with a morning text the next day.

The Dominos chain has already confirmed that the driver was fired and that they’re figuring out how to right the wrong with the female customer. Maybe helping her move to a new address would be a decent start.

It can be tough to find a date for Valentine’s Day but sometimes I guess people reach a little too far to make those romantic sparks happen, so let this be a lesson to you for who you give your number too. The worst part is the meal probably wasn’t even worth the hassle.


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