Girl Texts Photo To Her Family, Unfortunately She Forgot To Hide The Sex Toys

We’ve all had that sunken feeling in the pit of our stomachs the moment you realize you’ve texted a compromising pic to the wrong person. It’s really the worst part of having such amazing technology readily offered to us 24/7. Unfortunately for this girl, she was actually sending a pretty standard photo to a family group text until the horror hit her after reviewing the image.

The point of the photo was to show her family how nice her hair looked for a job interview happening later that day. But the contents of the pic revealed more than her natural curls.

What’s that on the toilet? Definitely not a curling iron and a toothbrush.

After realizing her blunder (if not after possibly noticing the sex toys later that day, putting 2 and 2 together) she sent her sister an emergency text to help block the message from getting to her parents.

And on Imgur the texts went which was then picked up by not only ourselves but other sites. No word if her parents ever noticed the sex toys in the image or even received the image at all, but I doubt the girl will bring up the text in conversation to find out for sure anytime soon. Frankly, I’d just pray it all will be forgotten about by the time she upgrades her iPhone.

This of course isn’t the first time a girl had made a very seemingly plain photo public with, unbeknownst to her, an easter egg for all to enjoy. These two unfortunate souls posted a friendly photo to their Facebook pages to only then realize that a double fisted dildo was hanging in the background like a prized mistletoe. Especially after their friends and family started pointing it out in the Facebook comments.

So really let these two stories be a lesson to all of you. Take a breath before you rush into posting or sending a picture to anyone because it could cost you more embarrassment than it’s worth. Oh, and that not every moment of your life NEEDS to be shared.

One question remains though: When did girls start to leave out their sex toys for anyone to find? Maybe that’s how it’s always been?


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