Girls Are Excited About This Poop Themed Restaurant But Would You Eat There?

The world was once obsessed with bacon but now it seems that poop has taken the lead, especially when you consider that an entire poop themed restaurant is about to open and people couldn’t be more excited. To be fair, how could you not be curious when it offers food that literally looks like shit sitting in a bowl made to look like a toilet. The weird part is this isn’t the first restaurant to have this concept.

Opening in mid-August, the place is called The Poop Cafe and the creator says they recently found themselves inspired to make poop cute. Well that makes one of us, although I’m sure we’re all curious how one makes poop acceptable in tasty food form. Created by Lien Nguyen, she says she was inspired after visiting a bathroom-themed restaurant in Taiwan and just fell in love with the concept which was decorated with plunger lamp shades, tiled floors and shower heads on the walls. Oddly enough there WAS a bathroom themed restaurant in Los Angeles but recently closed because I guess not enough Californians felt like eating more shit than a vegan would normally care for.

However Nguyen’s cafe is going for broke by calling her place the Poop Cafe instead of LA’s more distinguished “Magic Restroom Cafe”. It’s a great test for first dates when a dude tells a girl they’re going to the “Poop Cafe” and judge her reaction see if she’s worth keeping around or not.

Jasmine passed the test!

via Poop Cafe’s Facebook page

So where the hell is this Poop Cafe because we wanna choke down some shitty looking food?! If you’re in the Toronto area, you are in luck because this place is opening up in the Great White North. Canadians are known to be friendly, but we’ll see how friendly their smiles can be when it looks like they’ve been eating ass all afternoon.

Here’s what Nguyen had to say about her creation coming to Canada; “It’s funny to put food and poop together; it’s a great comparison.” Hopefully this restaurant has a bit of a chance and doesn’t receive an F rating from public health agencies. The F standing for Farts of course.


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