Glen Rice Jr. Arrest Video — 'He Has a Ton of Cash' … 'Wondering If He Robbed This Dude' (VIDEO)


TMZ Sports has obtained police video from the moment Glen Rice Jr. was arrested this week — and cops were so shocked by the amount of cash he had on him, they suspect he robbed somebody. 

We broke the story … the ex-NBA player is accused of beating up another man in a grocery store parking lot and then running from the scene. 

When cops tracked Rice down — they searched his backpack and found $2,700 in cash … along with 6 cell phones. 

In the video, you can hear the cops talking about the money … saying, “He has got a ton of cash. Tons of cash. I’m wondering if he robbed this dude. Mutual f***ing agreement that went bad.”

Rice was initially booked for felony robbery, aggravated battery and marijuana possession — but cops tell TMZ Sports officials are only moving forward with 2 charges … aggravated battery and possession with intent to distribute.

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