Go Topless Day Is Sunday: Stop Pretending Ya’ll Don’t Just Want To See Breasts

These Topless women want you to think about feminism but instead we can just look at their boobs. That is my takeaway every time I hear about events like this coming Sunday’s National Go Topless Day. In cities across America proud feminists will be partaking in an event aimed at women’s empowerment- by taking their tops off and marching around town.

Who ordered pancakes?

This is still a free country: ladies should be allowed to freely fling their mams if they want to. However, let’s not pretend they are going to convince any men this about gender equality. All we see are tits.  

More of these feminist liberal types want us to believe that true equality means women should be able to bare their chests in public just like men do and not face any legal consequences. Sounds good, right? Less government interfering with a lady’s freedoms is as American as apple pie and AK 47’s (yeah I know they are Russian, but you get the point.) So in order to support this cause, once a year the tatas come out in places like Venice Beach, California, Chicago and Montreal- the last of which is not even in America.

The event was started in 2005 in New York City in response to the arrest of a “topless activist” who had the gals out in public. It turns out that this woman was arrested erroneously as going topless was and still is LEGAL in the New York. Whoops! Regardless, over the last 11 years National Go Topless Day has occurred once a year so that women can feel equal.

However did you know that National Go Topless day was founded, not just by some feminist commune, hell bent on shoving their views down the throats of hard working Americans, but by The Raelians? The Raelians are a UFO cult who believe that humans were created by ALIENS. So they are probably motivated more than just by feminism, but by the desire to not have to explain to their alien over lords WHY we make women cover up their breasts when we enjoy looking at them so much. After all, as the feminists say this is a patriarchal society. So if we wanted to we could just make it legal for everyone to show boobs everywhere at all times. The aliens probably think we are pretty dumb for not doing that! (Plus we all know they want to see hot, human boobs too.)

You decide! Should women be allowed to legally bare their breasts in public?

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