Golden State Warriors Celebration Included Gunfire & Rock-Attacks, Cops Say

Golden State Celebration

Included Gunfire & Rock-Attacks

… Cops Say

6/13/2017 8:31 AM PDT

Exclusive Details

The Golden State Warriors celebration was marred with violence against cops — with Oakland PD telling TMZ Sports some of their officers were attacked with rocks and bottles after the game. 

A rep for the OPD tells us, “In east Oakland, it was reported 400 to 500 spectators and vehicles participated in sideshow activity on city streets. Officers did report that individuals threw rocks and bottles at them.”

“In response, patrol officers implemented strategies where they were able to detain approximately 100 cars. Over 40 citations were issued and over 30 cars were towed.”

There’s more … “We did receive sporadic reports throughout the city of celebratory gunfire and fireworks.”

At least 1 cop was injured when the officer was rear-ended by a drunk driver. 

“The officer was transported to a local hospital and was listed in stable condition. The driver was arrested at the scene.”

Overall, cops say there were less than a half-dozen arrests throughout the city. “We are still in the process of determining if they are related to the Warriors celebration.”

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