Good News: Scientists Claim Eating Cheese Key To Longer Life!

What are the most popular cuisines in America? Italian and Mexican food. What do they have in common? They both are loaded with cheese! Cheese is the best, but for years the doctors and health gurus have been advising us to lay off the cheese sauce. Well now scientists have come out in a new study and said that cheese consumption may actually help you live longer!

Science also tells us that you shouldn’t make your bed and that it is an excellent idea to eat your boogers. So take this news as you will. But according to research from the science journal “Nature Medicine” eating some aged cheese might actually add years to your life. I can already see “cheese spas” becoming a thing.  

Researchers tested an ingredient in cheesed called “spermidine” that increased the lifespan of mice and rats. Well now we know why Pizza Rat was carrying that cheese slice through New York City; he had found the fondue fountain of youth!

Wait- “Spermidine?” Sounds more like it should be consumed by that lady that says she eats a load of her friend’s man butter every morning for good health.

The paper also took a survey of over 800 Italians and found that the ones who ate more of the spermidine containing cheese had a lower blood pressure and lower risk of heart failure and cardiovascular disease. Although scientists are always saying stuff like “Italians drink lots of wine and it’s healthy for them!” However when we go on a wine and cheese bender we are called slobs!

To be fair doctors caution that the effects of eating Spermidine may be undermined due to the large fat content of cheese. But Spermidine is also found in peas, soy beans, corn and whole grains. So if you REALLY want to live a long time only eat delicious creamy cheese corn:

What is your favorite type of cheese?

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