Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Student PUMMELS Alleged Robber (BLOODY MUG SHOT)

3/2/2017 7:12 AM PST

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An alleged home invader learned the hard way … you mess with a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu student, you leave with a BROKEN FACE!!

The dude with the busted grill is Josue Ortiz — who allegedly tried to steal tools from an open garage in Fort Meyers, FL … when he was confronted by the homeowener.

Unfortunately for Ortiz, the guy defending the casa was Brian Burch — who’s not only physically imposing, but also has wrestling experience and trains at the local GJJ gym.

Burch says Ortiz got violent with him … so he proceeded to beat his ass.

After smashing his nose, cops arrived and arrested Ortiz … who left a big, bloody stain on the driveway.

Burch is being hailed as a hero … especially by his neighbors who say the beating will serve as a crime deterrent. 

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