Grammy Seating Chart, Beyonce in Front, Bieber and Kanye No-Shows (PHOTO GALLERY)

2/9/2017 2:50 PM PST

0208-grammy-seating-launch-rex-3The pecking order has been set for Sunday’s Grammys, and Beyonce‘s got the best seat in the house, while Justin Bieber and Kanye have no seats at all.

No surprise … Beyonce and Jay Z are in the front row … for countless close-ups during the show at L.A.’s Staples Center. Adele is a few rows behind and to the side of Bey. Bruno Mars is next to Adele.

0209-sub-grammy-seating-ap-01Lady Gaga is in an aisle seat directly in front of Adele.

As for who has to crane their neck to see over Beyonce’s hair … it’s Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and Solange.

It looks like Rihanna may be in the front row as well, although a little to the side of center.

As we first reported, Bieber and Kanye will be MIA … they don’t think the Grammys are relevant anymore.

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