Greg Hardy Sued — Pay Up for Your Ferrari, Bentley … Allegedly Owes $200k!

10/25/2016 8:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


1025-greg-hardy-gettyMore trouble for ex-NFL superstar Greg Hardy — who allegedly blew off car payments for his Ferrari and his Bentley … and now he’s being sued for more than $200,000! 

According to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ Sports, Hardy leased a white 2013 Bentley GT Speed (reportedly valued around $240k) back in 2014 from Second City Leasing. 

A year later, he leased a white 2012 Ferrari California (reportedly valued around $200k) from the same company. 

Problem is, Second City Leasing says Hardy stopped paying both leases in June 2016 — violating the terms of the leases. The company now wants Hardy to pay for the remaining amounts owed for each car.  

In total, Second City is demanding $200,736.82 — plus interest. 

Of course, Hardy is currently unemployed and pursuing a career in MMA. He was arrested for cocaine back in September — but he was driving a Dodge Challenger at the time. 

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