Gross! An Australian Man Found A Dead Roach Inside His M&M’s Candy Bar

If you aren’t squeamish and want to see something gross, check this out.

An Australian man found a dead cockroach inside a Crispy Mint M&M’s candy bar that he was in the process of eating. As you can see from the picture above, this wasn’t a spare head or leg, it was a complete roach, body and all.

Kyle Rosewarne, based out of Melbourne bought the bar from a Coles grocery store. After taking a few bites of the bar, he noticed his sugary treat’s added ingredients. He reached out to the M&M’s Australia Facebook page to complain, but received no response.

Kyle’s Facebook post

When the post when viral, Mars’ Australia branch offered him a voucher worth around twenty dollars which Roswarne refused, because you’ll need to pay someone a little more than twenty dollars when they almost eat a cockroach while trying to enjoy your product. A Mars spokesman denied that their products were unsanitary, saying “Given each block of chocolate we manufacture undergoes 31 quality checks and safety tests, and microbiological testing before it is packaged and shipped, it is extremely likely it entered the product packaging after it was opened.”

Roswwarne refuses this assessment, saying “If it went in after I ate the initial four pieces then when I went to have more, don’t you think it would have crawled out as soon as I picked it up?” he continued, ”Why would the thing be dead then?”

Though the origin of this cockroach is a mystery that might not be solved and Mars’ handling of this situation is a little tone deaf, that’s not the most shocking reveal of this story. The truly surprising part is that now, there are M&M’s chocolate bars.

When did that happen? I consider myself a candy conniseur and I’ve never heard of these. Where there commercials? Are these advertised anywhere? Is this just a regional treat exclusive to Australia and Europe and is it impossible for me to purchase one of these in America? I demand answers and I will not rest until I am able to purchase and ingest one of these things. Unless the inclusion of a dead cockroach is part of the deal, in that case, I’ll pass.

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